Metabolic Typing Nutrition

The Basis of Individualized Nutritional Therapy

Metabolic Typing stands apart from all other schools of nutrition. Metabolic Typing is not a ‘symptom-based model of healthcare’, but rather a ‘patient-centered’ model of healthcare. This is critical to understand, because no two people have the same nutritional requirements. In fact, the very same foods and nutrients that are essential for one person’s health can be totally wrong for someone else.

When you eat in a way that is compatible with your body’s Metabolic Type, your body produces efficient energy, and as a result, optimal health can be acheived. Follow random, dietary dogma which is incompatible with your body’s highly individual needs, and your health potential will not be attainable.

Metabolic Typing is a school of nutrition that has continuously evolved over the past 65 years. It is a result of some of the most important discoveries that have been made concerning human metabolism and health. Metabolic Typing is a synthesis of  metabolic principles which have been discovered by some of most important nutritional scientists and researchers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

While almost every school of nutrition advocates a ‘one size fits all’ approach to health and nutrition, Metabolic Typing is the only school of nutrition that recognizes that a person’s individual metabolism IS the dominant factor which will determine what foods are most essential for you.

Therefore, the principles of Metabolic Typing apply to every human being.

Metabolic Typing works by identifying specific Metabolic predispositions and imbalances in each individual’s homeostatic control systems.

The body’s homeostatic controls are what maintain equilibrium and health in your body. When disease and illness manifests, it is the body’s homeostatic controls that are out balance. Recognizing the imbalances within these Fundamental Homeostatic Controls is paramount to identifying your Metabolic Type.
Therefore, the principles of Metabolic Type Nutrition apply to every human being.

Metabolic Type Nutrition looks at an array of different factors, called ‘Fundamental Homeostatic Controls’, when assessing each individual. These include:

  • Oxidation Rate The rate of intracellular energy production.
  • Neuro-Endocrine Function (Autonomic Nervous System)  Identification of tendencies and patterns of the Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic branches. The ANS is the master regulator of metabolism
  • Lipo-Oxidation (Anabolic/Catabolic) The permeability of cellular membranes is crucial for understanding the nature of dysfunction in the body.
  • Water/Electrolyte Dynamics The balance between mineral salts and biological water is critical for electrolyte and fluid transport in the body.
  • Acid/Alkaline Balance The balance between acids and alkalii is essential for energy utilization.
  • Endocrine Type Identification of endocrine dominance: Adrenal, Thyroid, Gonad, Pituitary

When a person is truly nourishing themselves properly, energy is being produced efficiently in the cells, the nervous system and in the body. When this happens you achieve Metabolic balance. You  will feel physically relaxed, mentally clear, energetically grounded and at your peak.

Fail to meet your body’s nutritional demands and you will likely suffer any number of acute or chronic conditions.

Unlike allopathic (symptom-based) approaches to nutrition, Metabolic Type Nutrition identifies the causative biochemical imbalances that can potentially prevent a person from obtaining optimal health.

Metabolic Typing has evolved into a school of nutrition that maintains scientific integrity and offers the greatest potential for customized nutritional protocols. In addition, Metabolic Typing offers easy to follow, step by step guidelines tailored for each person.